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 Lets make guild better! (drops)

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Lets make guild better! (drops) Empty
PostSubject: Lets make guild better! (drops)   Lets make guild better! (drops) EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 6:59 pm


I have been thinking and some of you may not like the idea but i do since it works. and it works great!

After all we are a GUILD and community, we are not a solo playing bunch of pricks.

When we go to dungeons i have seen the trend is to sell and share the items dropped. To be fair i find this rather useless. What can you do with 30kk? what can you do with 100KK in this game? It's a nice and steady gain but you cant actually do something with it. am I rigth?

How about we change our drop and share system by applying following rules:

- Party members have the rights for a drop and party members only.
- ONLY the party members who can use an item have the right to lot for an item.
- you DO NOT have rights on the same item twice (an exception being made ofcourse for orbs, crystals, blades, katanas, bracelets, earings, rings) (a list will be made for this)
- If you win an item and your old item can be used by someone else that was in party you GIVE it to him.
- if you win an item and your old item can not be used by annyone it is being lot or shared (please decide on this according to item and party) amoung the whole party.
- if no one who was in party can use an item the item will be sold and shared or if your party says it's OK it will be lotted and 1 lucky guy will be rich (i dont like that part)

How does this work in game?

Lets explain it easy by a few examples:

xXxDonkeyxXx, Beatinonyou, Jinzorn go to a dungeons which they can trio easy. An epic item called Eos+8 drops what will happen?

- The only ones who can use the item are Jin and donkey. so Beat will be left out for the eos+8.
- Donkey and jinzorn have the right to lot for the item one of them will win it (lets say i win Very Happy)
- (jin will kill donkey for wining the eos+8 )
- Donkey puts on the eos+8 and now all at the sudden has a eos+7 to give away
- Jinzorn is the proud owner of an eos+7 himself so has no rights on donkeys eos+7
- (according to what has been said infornt) Donkey will now sell the eos+7 and share the profit between beatin, himself and jin.

(We all know Beat in theory is able to use the item too since he has a 141 FA, this however does not apply first rule states party members only. The same rule applies to me. If it would have been an eof+8 which i can use perfectly fin on iormurder it would have been beatings eof+8 no matter how much i nagged about it)

Lets go on shall we? another example...

Me (with my new eos+8 ) jinzorn and Irovie go to a dungeon. The same thing happens an eos+8 has been dropped

- I can no longer use the item. I am unallowed to lot. Jin and Irovie however can.
- Jin wins the lot, Jin has a new eos+8 and has an eos+7 left.
- Grats Irovie you are now the proud owner of an eos+7
- The whole party will LOL about the question that we split or lot the eos+6


We go to a dungeon again. Again with the party: Jinzorn (eos+8 ) Donkey (eos+8 ) and oh yes, i am not kdding, Irovie needed money. Irovie has been an idiot and sold the eos+7 so is wearing an eos+6 again)

We however are lucky. We drop an eos+7 oh yes, we did, we actually dropped 2x eos+8 and 1x eos+7 in 3 runs!!!

lets apply the rules again shall we?

- me and jin can not use the item. We may not lot
- Irovie already had the item (remember jin gave it to him) he may not lot
- Eos+7 will be sold and split between all party members (sorry rovie, your fault for being an idiot. you should not have sold)

I myself would apply 2 more rules and it involves "little kid protection". the rules i would like to apply extra would be stated as following:

- A gained item may not be sold for individual purpose If a gained item is being sold for individuel purpose the party member has no rights on a higher grade item untill the lower grade item is being returned
- If the lower grade item can not be returned (in set time period) the higher grade item goes to the next in line

The example would go like this then:

Donkey (eos+8 ), jinzorn (eos+8 ), Irovie (eos+6), SpirtiDestroyer (eos+6)

and o yes... we have just found our third eos+8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what will happen?

- me and jin have no right to lot.
- Spirit and and Irov will lot for the item (Irovie wins the lot)
- Irovie however has been an idiot and sold his previously gained eos+7 Irovie now gets (set time period) to give spiritdestroyer an eos+7 only then he may claim his eos+8
- Irovie could not deliver the item in time.
- Grats spirit you now have a eos+8 altough you did not win lot. Thank Irovie for being an idiot and selling the eos+7
*all names are chosen at random by who was talking in guild chat at the time of writing this*

If something is not clear ask me.
If you would have suggestions make them.

Please, discuss!

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Lets make guild better! (drops) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets make guild better! (drops)   Lets make guild better! (drops) EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 8:04 pm

What if I want an EoS+8 and make beat a magic wa xD....

All joking aside I think this idea rocks especially given the new update and the chances of epicness dropping

I'll back this 100%

P.s. U have wayyyy to much time on ur hands lol
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Lets make guild better! (drops) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets make guild better! (drops)   Lets make guild better! (drops) EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 1:47 pm

funny thing is... No one wanted this :p i gues about all dungeon party's (in guild) are sort of doing this atm :p

well, we do it, Ireal does not mind. I was fairly sure that Lon and star are doing it too. and euhm... that's about all party's i know that are frequently made.
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Lets make guild better! (drops) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets make guild better! (drops)   Lets make guild better! (drops) Empty

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Lets make guild better! (drops)
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